Theres nothing to talk about. Talking leads to just talk. Prayer is my life. I pray all day long. I know it may seem a little funny that I pray about everything. But when the devil is coming at your family your bills, on the job. You can either lose your mind, or you can kneel down and pray. For a long time,  lately I have been getting on my knees crying to God for my children, the twins that’s coming. I know when things look like their not going to be fine, God is telling me I got you, and I got your family.

For all you Mothers, grandmothers prayer is the golden key for and open door. You must never stop praying, even when things are going right never stop praying. Prayer is the hedge of protection for everything. Even in your worst hour of the day God will step in and deliver you from  the wiles of the enemy. The devils has know power unless you give it to him.

God wants us to totally to put our trust in him. Don’t worry about how the situation looks. If God is for you, who can be against you. You just pray and believe, and step out on Faith, and but your Faith into Imageaction, GOD WILL WORK. It may not come when you want it to, but it will come!

Be so ever prayerful your breakthrough is on the way. Be steadfast . FIGHT BACK WITH PRAYER. PRAYER CHANGES THING.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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