It’s 2:00 a.m in the morning. I’m thinking, what is it that make people think they  know you better than God do. In my life as a growing Christian, you have to listen to God’s voice and not others. My daughter ask again on last night, mom how do you hear God’s voice. I told her lots of reading, praying and fasting and mediating on The Lord you will surely hear Him speak. I have always known when a person wants to get rid of you, God is saying don’t move, keep still your blessing is on it’s way. I use to run to all my so call friends telling them problems, people have there own problems, they can’t help you.
The only person can help you, is you. Quit whining about every little thing. If you have problem take it God in prayer. And when it’s all over said, and done God gets the Glory, freeing you from that very thing that had you burden down.
You just have do less talking and lots of praying, God will deliver. O Jesus teach me to keep my mouth shut. People are jealous when they see you are being bless. If God told you to do something, know matter how weird it may look, stay on the wall. Your blessing is coming.
Jesus can solve any problem you have. Don’t look any where else. LOOK TO JESUS!

Now Father God, I come to you asking that you bless everyone today. Set them free from all hurt and pain.
Release them NOW ! In the mighty name of Jesus. I pray that all come to you. And put you first in there lives. In Jesus Holy Name AMEN.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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