Today has gone by. It was mother and daughter day. I have only one daughter at home with me now. The three girls live together in there townhouse. My seventeen year old, will be going to college soon. At a near by college when she moves in with her others sisters.
I have always pray to God that all my girls roommate together. He granted my request. My seventeen year old and I get to do things every Saturday. We went and got our nails done together today. I have taught my girls, to go to God in every situation. Letting them know that God comes first in there life. Do you pray with your children? I have always taught my daughters to pray for one another and plead the blood of Jesus over there life. They know the weapons of warfare. I let them know, if you don’t have Jesus close to you. There’s know peace or Joy in your life. Let your children know God is real. And that they need Him now and forever. Pray with them, Laugh with them. I have held all my daughters in my arms and cry with them through life challenges. I love my daughters. I’m over joyed to know each one of them., Ministers to there friends about Jesus Christ
Hide and seek is a game we all play when we was younger. The kids today don’t know about this sweet little game.

Keep seeking, and keep knocking,and that door shall be open.

You should be like one big happy family full of sympathy toward

each other, loving one another with tender hearts and humble mines.

1 PETER  3:8

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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