3:30 A.M

I’m awaken again, it was God that woke me up. I ask Him, what is it you want me to pray for? or you just one me to listen to your voice. I know that voice,  that still voice . I ask Him. Are you please with your servant ? God has been waking me up at 3:30 a.m for years. It’s started again. 3:30 a.m. The house is very still, my husband and daughter are asleep. The house is quite you can hear and echo in your hears. It can be a horrible feeling awake at night when everyone else is sleeping like little angles.

I know doing these spiritual wake up calls, God either wants me to pray or listen. There’s nothing wrong with prayer, we need prayer. Prayer is how we talk to God. But we must listen to His voice also. God has bless me through prayer, and also surrendering to His will. I ask God to kill my flesh all day. Cut away things that are not like him. It’s a daily process. Cutting away yourself so that you can be like Christ. God said, barely the righteousness will make it into heaven. That’s means, me, you, us who are trying to live according to God’s word. So you know, if I’m struggling with trying to live right. What about the ones that don’t live right at all.

Now I will kneel down and pray. And I will also listen.

God Bless

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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