The bastard child


    I never knew what a bastard child was, until I attended this church on last year. Growing up in my neighborhood,  a bastard baby is someone that didn’t know there father. Not true. A bastard is a kid born out of wedlock. When I heard this of course I was so hurt, then I was mad, and was thinking how selfish my mom and dad was. Why did they raise me this way. Well hearing what I heard made me cried for some days, why? I had two kids out of wedlock. I’m happy it was preach that day cause it made me realize, being a bastard child, didn’t take away that God still loves me. 

     Years have past sense I seen or heard from my FATHER. I think I seen him maybe four times in fifty five years of my life. The Lord said, if your father and mother forsake you, he will lift you up. All these years of God being my daddy. I was find on Facebook by my stepsister. I didn’t know who she was, when it popup to confirm as a friend. She said, to me you need to call dad. I said why is he sick? She said no. He’s getting old. After messages each other for awhile I told her to give me the number, I will pray about it. I’m no FAKE. I was not happy to hear this at all. For as I was concern I didn’t have a father. I grew up without a Father in my life.

     Now my mind is just running. Saying, O God what do I say to someone that has never ever love me or care about me. I have been sat free from all the pain my parents did to me. What now, I forgave my father many years ago. What is it he wants to say? I will put in Gods hands he will guide me. 

     God has way of putting things together we will never understand, His ways are not like ours.

     God Bless

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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