It’s hard being a leader. People don’t expect you to get upset, or cry. I’m not JESUS if I was I wouldn’t  need help. God knew the day he created us that we would fail at some things. Why do people think as believers in Christ, that we don’t fall or Fail.I have to stay in God’s presence all the time. We are not perfect people. I not trying to act like I’m bigger than God. I need him every hour of the day. I am weak. But he is strong. I can call on Him when I’m down. We must stop putting leaders down every time they make mistakes. There’s no one, I no in this world have not made mistakes more than once. I have made wrong decision about lots of things. But that didn’t stop me from trying over and over again. We has people of God, have to stop blaming others for our mistakes in life.

Ministry is hard. People don’t understand how hard ministry is. They don’t know,  if they are not doing it. Please people of God stop putting us down and pray for us. We were  chose to do God’s work. We also need to be love and care for. I was chose to do a great work for God.  If I’m weak in and area pray for me. Being weak draws me closer to Christ.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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