Sometimes I don’t feel like writing, I get in these moods swings, where I feel like nothing is moving for me. But I know that’s not true. God said he will take care of His own. That’s you,me, and everyone else that is in fellowship with Him.  Sunday at church I was praising God like a mad woman. Oh, by the way. I visited my old church. Yep, the one they didn’t like to me to shout or dance in. Yep that’s the one. i praise God so much on Sunday my Feet was sore under the bottom. I love to praise and dance for The Lord. When the praise go up the Blessings comes down.  Always remember praise is what confuses the enemy. Worship is between you and God. I love to worship God, it’s my time to feel His love, and His time to love on me.

   All that praising to God I said, why do I feel low today. Well when you are around people that don’t have a possible thing to say out of there mouths. You will carry that spirit if you don’t stay in prayer. Pray in and out of season, you must never stop praying. Prayer is your weapon. Use it.

God Bless

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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