I awaken feeling very hurt inside, to know someone that I love is treated like they are still a slave. I know that there are laws for different states and countries. Is it not that we all are equal. And God made us the same in spirit. It hurts me dearly to know that another man will treat another person as if they were a slave. How anyone can say that they love God, and don’t have the love like Christ. We must never mistreat others. Even when they use and abuse us. We must still love them in spite of what they do. When will the people in this world come together in unity. why must they be so selfish and greedy only thinking of themselves. It is a sad thing when another man will abuse some one else just to stay on TOP! Money and things can make a person do evil things.

I pray for not only Kenya. I pray for the world to be a better place to live before going to heaven. I pray that I can make a different in many people lives in Kenya. Someone has to do it Gods way and not there’s . We must love each like Christ love the church. Pray for the people in other countries that don’t have it as easy as we do. You will be surprise how a bag of chips and soda makes a different in someone’s life, that does not have what we have here in the USA. We take things for granted.  It is sad that we don’t have many people that will touch the heart of others.  Jesus was about love, giving, and healing.

Pray with me for the families over in Kenya. My family is Bless because I bless others. You will be shock if I really share with you how people are miss treated on there jobs in Kenya. We has Gods people suppose to love and help all man kind. Because this is what God intented for us to do. Please keep me in your prayers as the time draws nearer for me to make a different in the people lives in Kenya.


The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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