The Teacup Ministry started out of my home, I wrote the vision down in 2001. I always had a heart not only just to reach out for the people, but to also restore them back to believing that they were born with a purpose. With God’s help, a lot of fasting, praying and pushing my plate away from the table. Prayers were being answered. I always believe that God was calling me to do a great work for Him. Thanking God for all he has done to get me this far, getting me through the disappointments, and pain and lots of suffering, saying sorry when it wasn’t my fault. This what has made me to be the most loving person in the world. My journey to Kenya, has to do with a young man that found me on Facebook writing inspiration messages.

        Well one prayer lead to another and another. And we became the best of friends. God has broken me to do His work in Kenya. The vision I wrote down in 2001 and Mutua finding me on Facebook  is what took  Teacup Ministry from my home to Africa. I sells all my cloths to support Him and his family. I love them all very deeply.

        I have been working alone for eight months. I will not be going with a team. I will be traveling alone. It has been a lot of work putting the Ministry together and providing the needs for the people of Kenya. Please pray first and if God will touch your heart to help me with a small donation it would really help me a lot. I will be happy to mail you out a legal letter for  donation and a business card. The Teacup Ministry Inc. is a holistic organization. Empowering needs of families.

Thank you to all my readers

God Bless.

The Teacup Ministry inc.


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