I have find out in life, sometimes it just better to keep things to yourself. We all what to share our blessing with friends and followers of Christ. It really hurts me to know that all the people you though we’re for you, really never was, they just like ideal of you not making anything out yourself,  it makes them think they are bigger than you. Why? They say. Are you sure God told you this. or I’ll be praying about that. Church folk got only one thing in common. They think they KNOW IT ALL! They know how to quote there verses to you all day long, but don’t have any faith at all. I’m in shock when I share a blessings with church folk, and don’t receive what you are saying. They fine every opportunity to shoot you down, to say God is not in what you are doing. Why? Church folk like to make you feel small and weak. The church is suppose to be a place where everyone should be uplifting one another. It’s sad to fine out the place of praise and worship is like JASON in HORROR movie. Everyone is doing what they want to do in the church. Except following Christ. Everyone wants to be the chief.

      I make sure I stay away from the KNOW IT ALLS. You never really know what’s in a person heart until you share your blessings and your vision. Why? can’t they just be happy for you. These are the same people you were happy for when God bless them. You know why they are not happy for you? Cause they are not your friends. They are people that walk around love telling you what is best for you. PLEASE only listen to God’s voice. This is how you hear Gods voice. You read your bible daily, you pray and take some quiet time with the lord. He will not lead you wrong.

      God is the only KNOW IT ALL!!  Be Bless

         The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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