Image WHY? can’t he just let God be God in our home.

I have always thought, when a man leaves his family, he suppose to be one in the Spirit with his wife. That’s what the bible says. We as wives must understand that a husband that does not put God first, it’s like sleeping with the enemy. I have come to find out being married is not easy, but it would be awesome if my husband truly had a relationship with God and not things, and the things he gives me. I rather have him closer to Christ than buying me stuff.  I suffer from things being brought, cause I have to hear, I pay the bills, I brought you that. I’m the boss here, I know that the husband is the head of the household. But does he have to remind me all the time. I want to be treated like PEARLS, not like I a piece of Meat. I know there are going to be some people that don’t like this, but I’m no fake. God is the Father of all Fathers. Yes I have pray for years and I’m still praying. You know, when you are being treated like a loving wife. I know the different between love , and Godly love. So for me. God is my husband, yes I am married and come under submission to my husband even if he  does not come under submission to me. How can a man be jealous of God? When You build a relationship with God He can be everything to you. I don’t hurt anymore, I just pray for God to give the strength to deal with a blind man walking. You don’t have to be unhappy about your marriage, like I have been for years. Before its to late, you pray and think about the happiness you want for yourself. It was not easy for to step out and start doing the things that make me feel joy. I don’t mean hanging in the night clubs or hanging around a lots of women. Like those TV shows. You pray and ask God to for fill your destiny. let me be real. It’s not easy, but with the help of God and putting my FAITH into ACTION! God is moving in my life. I’m not where I want to be,  but I’m working toward it.

        I have learn the hard way do not get caught up in having nice things. In the long run you will come to find out they don’t make you happy anymore. Even with a new dress or a new string of PEARLS. If your husband does not know Christ the living God. He truly does not know you?

       I’m praying for all the wife’s that are waiting by the pool. Get up Now!  Make The Lord your husband he will always treat you like a lady.

       God Bless, I love you 

       The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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