I use to love going to church. When my kids were young I use to drag them out of the house with me every Sunday. Sometime we would be in church all day. I could remember when I was just lost and looking for a church. I couldn’t find one. And when I did they would throw me out, cuz they though my praise and worship was to loud or I just dance to much, in The Lord. After being told to settle down, or being call in the office. So many times. I just decided to have church in my house with my  children . Yes. I had church in my home for one full year, just me and my kids. We would all sit on the couch and watch Joel Osteen and that’s who fed my family the word for one whole year. I still go to church but not as much as I would like to.

All the hurt that I have had, comes from the people in church. I stayed  five years in my last church. That’s a record for me. Now I have learn to deal with the people in church. I smile and I just don’t get involve anymore. Church folk keeps up a lot of drama. God has taught me that I don’t really need what I thought I needed. Yes, I love to fellowship. But with who? I have relationship only with Jesus. It was not easy leaving the people that talk about me. See it didn’t matter what they said, cuz I still loved them.  Matter fact I miss them now. There’s a time we must move on even if it hurts. I spend a lot of time with The Lord. He is the only true friend that never changes, and He will love you or me  just the way we are. He will not talk about you. And he will not leave us or forsake us. Look for friends truly love The Lord. So if you make a mistake, they will still love you.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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