Hi, I hope everyone is still believing that prayers can be answer. I have been praying for so many things in this season. My daughter is having twins, the ministry that God has bless me with, has gone to levels that is so draining. Everything I have been praying for God to do, He is doing it NOW! Let me explain something to you. God is giving it to me in bits and pieces. I Thank Him every day that he is giving it to me this way. I couldn’t handle it if he gave it to me all at once. “WOW”.  Everything is moving so fast.

Well getting to the point. My daughters all live together. I raise them to look out for each other. I new that God was calling me to do Ministry for Him. So I needed a plan. I pray that all my girls live together so I can do missionary work. One of them just move out two months ago to live with her sister’s. She had been looking for a job from the very start when she move out. It seem as though nothing was going to break. She had been crying and are money was running out. A week ago, the holy spirit fell on me strong. I gave her a call, and said we must pray together. I told her when I pray you must have no doubt about what God will do. Your faith must meet my faith. If you believe with me God will open a door for you. I prayed and prayed and prayed asking God to open a door. And He did my daughter has a wonderful job working at the airport. PRAISE GOD.

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