Hello. I’m happy to be with you this morning. You should be happy, God woke you up this morning, not to start a new day, but to start a NEW YEAR! Let’s not think of those things that are behind us. If you woke up in a bad mood or with a hang over, it’s ok God stills loves you. He knows that we will sin, and fall short. So let’s not dwell on your mistakes. Just get up and start again. You must not ever give up on life. I send my blessings out to you. I pray that God keep you focus on Him and and not things of this world. Everyone prays for all these new ideals they are going to do for the New Year and they never work. why? Because the enemy is fooling them. The real purpose of life is Jesus. Lets start our NEW YEAR, loving more, giving more and praying more. 

   God Bless All Of You. I love so much.

       JESUS 2013

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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