To all the family’s that lost your child. They are in heaven now, what lovely place to be. You have a right to hurt and feel what you feel. Just know that God feels it too. God loves us and his children. O the children are his children, and they are in the Kingdom sitting by Him. The children are laughing and playing with the Angles, and they are saying, why mommy and daddy are crying. Angles says to them, because they miss you. The children are saying, O we must tell mommy and daddy we are fine. How can we let them know we are happy and well?

The Angle said to the children they must pray to our Father in heaven. And The Father in heaven will let them know through there prayers to Him that he will take care of all you. And the children says, to the Angle. Will I see my mommy and daddy again. The Angle says yes. Only through the Father. The children says, why is that.  the only way to get to heaven is through His Son Jesus Christ. So if mommy and daddy know Jesus I will see them again. The

Angle says yes. O mommy and daddy please except Jesus in your heart, so we can see you again. We love you mommy and daddy don’t cry we are happy in THE PLACE CALL HEAVEN.

God Bless The Families, and the Connecticut children


The Teacup Ministry Inc.


THERE IS A PLACE CALL HEAVEN. The children are in heaven, laughing and playing. They are with Angles.




I have always been praying, and asking God to birth the vision he show me. And send people in my life to pray with me for the vision to come to past.
Yes, they prayed with me for the vision, now that vision as been birth. They hate me without cause. Surely when they were praying for me, and with me. I just knew they were happy for God to do His great works in me. It amazes me, when you don’t have what you want, Everyone seems to love you more. But the minute you are bless, they are saying everything to you, except, I’m happy that God has bless. I call them vision haters. They will do all they can to make you feel, you are not call to do what God has chosen you to do. I’m not sure who to trust. The ones I let in my home, that say there my friend, and get in a circle and pray with me. Or the ones in church that smile in my face, and at the same time hoping I fail.
This how you overcome a vision hater. You never give up, in Jesus Holy Name! And never let a vision hater make you believe, that you were call just to listen to what they have to say. Vision haters can’t see your vision, They just speak against it. God is on my side, he who as started a good work in me, he will finish. Pray and ask God to forgive them, and have grace and mercy, for they know not what they do, Be kind, never let them see you sweat.

And we know in all things God work for the good of those who love the lord, who have been called according
To his purpose.



 I wanted to share with you that The Teacup Ministry is now, The Teacup Ministry Inc. I have being praying for many years to birth the Teacup Ministry. To all my readers thank you for supporting me. God has been good, in spite of what I have been going through to get to this point. There is still lots of work to be done, and many prayers to be answer. I will be going to Kenya soon please keep me in your prayers. I want to love the people and do a great work for God. I know God will bless Kenya. He  has chosen me to do that great work for him. 

         Keep me, and Kenya in your prayers, we are here to make a different in each other lives. We are all Gods people. I love you all very much God bless, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS

The Teacup Ministry Inc.




   I have been praying for The Teacup Ministry for years, asking God which way to go. The Teacup Ministry started in my home. I would invited about sixteen women to my house every three months and I would serve them, and we all would sit and sip tea and nibble on the the cakes and finger sandwiches that I made. That year was a trying year for me. Everyone I thought was my friend God snatch the covers off. boy, I was really hurt. Now I was alone, and thinking everything was going to fall. I prayed to God asking Him to help me continue to search for whatever it was he wanted me to do. The teacup Ministry was born out of my home, this where I first started to do ministry. Leaders didn’t take to me very well in there churches.

        God has kept is promise to me and have answers all my prayers. The TeaCup Ministry, 

The TeaCup Ministry as now been BIRTH! It is now call 

The TeaCup Ministry INC.

I thank God I have heard His call. The Road has been stuff. I have lost many friends. I have cried many nights, but all my sleepless nights and my pain are Now fill with Joy. I want to do right by God. He has put His trust in me. To God Be The Glory, it is well. Thank you Father. You said what ever we do it is not in vain. Don’t ever give up.

To my wonder friend,

Mutua Philip, love you with all my heart. Thank you for being there when I couldn’t sleep or eat. You are the world’s greatest friend. May God bless you always.

TeaCup Ministry INC.


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