Ministry is not thinking of yourself. It’s forgetting about you totally. I never enjoy myself, I’m always forever praying to God for others. I do,love to give and help others. To much is given much is require. The Teacup Ministry has been hard work. I have been doing it alone for two years now. There are days I fine myself just looking out the window with tears in my eyes. no one to love me, Like I have love everyone else. I’m know fake. I will tell you the truth I breakdown and cry lots of times doing Ministry for God. Even a little bitter. I had to repent today. I had thoughts in my mind and also said things. I put me first and not God.  Yes I’m human and I do cry and get upset. And get mad and just want to give up. I have learn to go to God and cry out to Him. Asking him to cleans me and make me strong to do his will. My life belongs God. That’s way it is. I can’t change that or ever turn back. It will be death for me if I ever stop doing Gods will. Yes I feel just like everyone else. But when you play the role of a leader. Feelings is not apart of ministry. I must trust in God for every need to be met. God is good to me I must be good to others. Loving them is what I must do. Jesus did this, and still love all of us. No matter what we do God still love us. I have learn wrong or right, it’s not about me, it’s want God tells me to do.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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