To all the family’s that lost your child. They are in heaven now, what lovely place to be. You have a right to hurt and feel what you feel. Just know that God feels it too. God loves us and his children. O the children are his children, and they are in the Kingdom sitting by Him. The children are laughing and playing with the Angles, and they are saying, why mommy and daddy are crying. Angles says to them, because they miss you. The children are saying, O we must tell mommy and daddy we are fine. How can we let them know we are happy and well?

The Angle said to the children they must pray to our Father in heaven. And The Father in heaven will let them know through there prayers to Him that he will take care of all you. And the children says, to the Angle. Will I see my mommy and daddy again. The Angle says yes. Only through the Father. The children says, why is that.  the only way to get to heaven is through His Son Jesus Christ. So if mommy and daddy know Jesus I will see them again. The

Angle says yes. O mommy and daddy please except Jesus in your heart, so we can see you again. We love you mommy and daddy don’t cry we are happy in THE PLACE CALL HEAVEN.

God Bless The Families, and the Connecticut children


The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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