Being in my secret place have brought me pain and joy. It as taught me to only depend on God. I mean, know friends not even family, he has put me in this secret place where I have to only call on Him. In this secret place, God does not let anyone in. You have to fight all your demons alone, trusting in the word of God he is your strong tower. I have been face with angry mobs been talk about, been kick to the curve all my life. BUT GOD. He has look over me and sent his angles to watch over me at all times. If I was not in relationship with Christ I would have lost my mind many years ago. God has mold me into this beautiful woman that I know, it was only Him. I was nothing until God came into my life. I don’t look for friends anymore. I don’t look to family, I look to Jesus. 

                 Get in your secret place, and in that secret place God will reveal so many things to you. The secret place is growth, love, hate, joy, crying, madness, confusion , doubt, but through all of this reach out for God he will lead you on the right path. In that secret place you will find joy, peace and happiness. God will take care of His own. He will set you on a mountain top. I’m in my secret place now. It’s not aways a good feeling of being alone. But this is where, God can do his greats works in you. So that you will be able to love others as Jesus love us. Be not be weary in well doing. God is not a man. He will not lie 

Teacup ministry, God bless and keep you 

     Let’s Have Tea Together 


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