To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven  ECCLESIASTES 3:1

Time is a resource God gives us, and we must use our time to be fruitful. One of the phrases we should avoid both verbally and in our attitudes is; I just have a little time to kill, Time is not a commodity to kill or pass ; it is a gift to steward. If you are like I am, you like to productive with every minute. When you have five , ten, or fifteen minutes, don’t just kill your time. use it to bear fruit. Keep a book or bible with you and use those few minutes to read something. Listen to worship music or part of a sermon. When you have a few minutes, make them count. To me one of the worst things that can happen to people is to grow old and look back upon their lives and realize they took time to do what the thought they were suppose to do or what they wanted to do. I do not want you to look back in your later years and think you wasted your life years and think you wasted your life or feel you never really did anything worthwhile. no matter what your age is today, it is not too late to start right now using your time to bear fruit.



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