True Christlike love is not found on the surface of life. It’s not always an easy thing to do. Today’s scripture tells us that we must eagerly PURSUE and SEEK love and that we are to make it our great quest. If you have read about great quests and adventures throughout history, you know that they take a lot of effort. This tells me we will have to work at love if we are going to walk in it. The words pursue and seek are both strong action words, terms that indicate the need to take initiative and devote energy to what we’re going after. To pursue means, to try to fine or discover, search for. In others words, we need to go after love with all our might and focus, and act as though we absolutely cannot live without it.

       There are degrees of desires, and today’s verse tells us love requires a high level of desire. We want many things, but there are only a fem things God tells us to seek, and love is one of them. If we want to learn about genuine love, we will have to study it and how a loving person handles difficult or tense situations. Observe how he gives to others. Examine the fruit in his life.

        In addition to learning about love, also be diligent to seek and pursue.

     Eagerly pursue and seek to acquire [this] love [make it your aim, your great quest].
                                                                         1 CORINTHIANS 14:1




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