I know that God hears my prayers, My faith is very strong in the lord, and he is a God that will answer your prayers. we sometimes expect that things will fall out of the sky, but that is not how God answer prayers. Be not always content where you are, because God has more for you than you can ever imagine. Faith is what it is, believing those things that are not. You must believe what ever you are asking God to do, having faith will make it happen. Now God will keep His promise, he is not a man, he will not lie. I know that my faith as been strong in the lord. Everything I have, has came from my faith walk. You must pray to God, and while you are praying, believe that the mountain can be move else where. At times it seems like what you’ve been praying for will never come to past. But it will. Keep knocking and keep seeking and the door shall be open. Prayer is the Golden Key for your present help from the lord. Without a prayer life, you are a dead man walking! Without faith you can not please God. I live my life totally depending on the lord. What may seem like a life time, is only one day to the lord. He said the our latter days will be greater. That means you will not miss out on one thing. Praise God! Always believe with your whole heart that God will take care of you. I want to bless you with these words of wisdom. Seek first the kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you. You must pray, and keep on praying, and keep on praying. God will step in and do it all for you. I want to please God with all my heart. Never put anyone before God. not your husband, not your children, not anyone. God is a jealous God.  Stay focus and rest assure that god loves you and nothing at can harm you. There is peace in the valley, let joy be in your hearts. your breakthrough is coming. My God Bless you and Keep you.

God Bless Cancer Awareness Month<3



Having unrealistic expectation of people sets us up to be disappointed. Am I saying that we should not be expectant? Of course not! we should expect the best out of people, but at the same time we must remember they are human being with imperfections.

When Jesus’ disciples disappointed Him, He was not devastated because He already knew and fully understood human nature, as we learn in John 2:25. Jesus expected His disciples to do their best, but He knew that even their best would still be imperfect.

I have come to realize that we tend to look for the perfect spouse, prefect friend, prefect job, perfect neighborhood, perfect church, and the truth is, it does not exist! As long as we are in earthly bodies we will manifest imperfection. God must have known that to be true. because He gave us instructions in His Word on how to handle people who irritate us or disappoint.

People are not perfect, and to expect them to be flawless is frustrating for everyone involved. We must learn to be generous with mercy and to sow seeds of mercy so we can reap mercy when when we need it.

We all like to plan ahead for our lives and have people cooperate with us. we want situation to go exactly the way we plan, but that rarely happens. This isn’t negative; it is truth. As believers, we have the power of the Holy Spirit to help us do difficult things and deal with human imperfections— not to make our lives so easy that we never need to use faith.

I urge you to expect good things to happen in your life. I also urge you to be realistic and realize that we all have to deal with things that are unpleasant and people who are disagreeable. Your attitude in these trying situations greatly affects your enjoyment of life. You can be realistic, walk in truth and still have a positive attitude as you deal with your own imperfections and those of people around you.


We…rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character, hope

Romans 5:3-4

Don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed.

Jame 1:4 The Message

These things I plan I won’t happen right away. Slowly. steadily, surely, the

time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not

despair, for these things will surely come to pass, just be patient! They will

not be overdue a single day! says the Lord

Habakkuk 2:3



Grant, O Lord, on this election day

Wisdom to Thy children, that we may

Go forth to ballot boxes to choose men

who will lead us well. We come again

To the weighty hour when we delegate

Powers of decision. Nation, state,

the world, have many problems, and we would

Secure the highest and the utmost good.

With humility, with reverence, and respect

We exercise our duty- to elect

Men suited to this hour-and we ask

Divine and special guidance for our task.


I sought to hear the voice of God,

And climbed the topmost steeple.

But God declared:  Go down again

I dwell among the people.

Where there is love

There must be faith;

And where there is faith

There is peace indeed;

Where there is peace,

There must be God

And where there is God

There is a need


I have been PRAYING to God for a breakthrough concerning some things in my life.  I had been fasting for two months, two get my breakthrough, well that breakthrough has come. To God be the glory!  When we go to God in prayer, we must understand that he is there to answer our prayers. It was not easy to get what  I wanted. Every devil in hell was on my track, there was many sleepless nights, a lot of crying, and not to mention, I had to do ministry and comfort others that was going through there storm.  For about five months it has really been some ups and downs for me, but God was right there holding me in His arms. I lock myself away from everyone. God had even took the desire away to watch TV. I have not watch TV for seven months now. All I seem to do is fast, pray, read my bible and cry out to the lord on others behalf. God is working on me, so I can be a blessing in others lives. I’m  writing on this Blog to reach others in Jesus name, because I want them to know that I love them, and care about there state of mind. We must always pray for the things that we need in our lives, God will add the rest. One night I cried so bad, I was sick and tired of that devil messing around in my head, telling me that God was not going to do what I had been fasting and praying for. How can I pray like this , and still feel left out, still be afraid at night to close my eyes. Yes me, the GREAT PRAYER WARRIOR. now sobbing like a baby, pleading with GOD.  The spirit of FEAR had came upon me like never before. Remember, I had been asking God to do some things in my life. Speaking in tongues laid out the floor, crying like new born baby, asking him to forgive me for my Sins. I didn’t know what to do, I just felt lost. Then God spoke into my spirit Psalm 91. I read it until I fell asleep. And I read it for five days, through out the day. And I was  HEAL and DELIVER , from the spirit of Fear. I like would to say this, the spirit of Fear comes from the Satan, God is love and a sounded mind. For those of you that have the spirit of FEAR, please read Psalm 91. Read until it falls in your spirit.  I love the lord, he heard my cry, and he rescue me, out of the pits of  Hell.  Fear is just a game the enemy plays, to make us believe that God is not at work in our behalf.  God Bless all Of you. I pray for your health and strength in the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


Never believe that things can’t get worst, because they can.  You must believe that it can also get better. About three years ago I almost lost my daughter, the doctors was looking for the worst. She was in surgery for fifteen hours, a tumor had  connected to most of  her parts in  the digestive system. Now I know you are saying, but what this has to do with Cancer month, what is she talking about. I’m talking about life and death when the doctors says there’s know hope, we have  to wait an see. And then the lady comes in the room to get all the information surely to let you know,  fill this from out we are expecting your daughter to die.  You have to speak those things as though there NOT!  I told that social worker to get out of the room and never ever come back. Because God is going to HEAL my daughter.  I went to everyone that I could trust, and new that they would really pray and believe God would work. It starts with your heart first. God works through a pure heart. you must fast and pray and don’t wavier. you must believe in your heart that God  can Heal you. My daughter was in the hospital for six wks. I pray and pray and pray for God to heal her. I had know doubt, none at all. God is faithful in his word.  My faith is strong. She Even had a setback. They said, they might have to open her back up again. You have to remind God what he promise. I said to God, you promise that my daughter will be heal. I told that devil to get out of my head, get out my life, God is a God that would not lie. my daughter is Heal today, and is in great health. to God be the glory. Stay in the presence of the Almighty God, get in your secret place. and cry out to the LORD. BELIEVE IN HIM. I pray right now , that God will Heal your body, I pray for the children that are sick in there bodies. Father God hear my prayers and do your great works in Jesus name. I rest in  you knowing every need will be met. Please give them peace in the storm.  God has the power, and that power is in you. Put  the Word of God into ACTION!

You are in my Prayers, God is a HEALER

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