I was born and abusive child. My life was full of disappointment, and nothing ever when right for me. I was save through Jesus Christ. My relationship with Christ has grown to be awesome, he is my DADDY! God has brought me through every thing. Being Save did not make things easy, in fact it was worst. Killing your Flash to stay in the presence of God is the worst thing you could experience. This road was stuff, standing in the gap for others, and praying for others all the time. I would cry to all the time asking God to do this or that for me. The prayers for the ministry he chose for me to do for him. I still have yet to see it come to the peak, God has shown to me in his word. So many people I prayed for there prayers as been answer over and over again. I love God there’s no doubt in my mind, that he won’t do what I have request unto him. All I have been doing for the people of God. It is still wonderful to see people being bless in the Jesus name. I have been pretty low for lots of years, growing in the word of God, while doing ministry.
      Well my life have taken a Shift. All the years crying out to God when I’m going to have JOY. I have been doing what you say, and yet, I have know joy. I was looking in all the wrong places for the joy that only God can GIVE. A week ago I got a phone call from my daughter, telling me she was going to have a baby. I was a little upset, because I will be traveling to Kenya soon. I was saying O Lord what I’m going to do I don’t have time to raise another grandchild. I have been planing this for six months. so after I said’ Lord you got this. everything is going to work out. so I was excited what was going to come, and just started telling God thank you. Now here comes the JOY! My daughters calls me, and says, mom I’m spotting. I tell her  to go to the doctors to make sure all is well. I’m praying to God please Jesus don’t let her lose the baby. I get a call hour later, my heart is racing cause I don’t know what to expect. She says to me, are you sitting down, I said yes. With these JOYFUL WORDS my daughter said to me, mom I’m having Twins. I was RUNNING all over the house. The first doctors visit, they didn’t see the other baby. All my life I really wanted to feel unspeakable Joy, and this day I will never ever forget our God as bless me indeed. He gave me double blessings. God said from now on it will be double for your troubles. I’m full of so much joy. nothing in this world will make  me fill what I felt when my daughter told me she was having TWINS. This joy I have never had. JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!!!

PSALM 66:I-2

Make A joyful noise unto God, all the earth

sing forth the honor and glory of His name;

make His praise glorious!


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