I know that God hears my prayers, My faith is very strong in the lord, and he is a God that will answer your prayers. we sometimes expect that things will fall out of the sky, but that is not how God answer prayers. Be not always content where you are, because God has more for you than you can ever imagine. Faith is what it is, believing those things that are not. You must believe what ever you are asking God to do, having faith will make it happen. Now God will keep His promise, he is not a man, he will not lie. I know that my faith as been strong in the lord. Everything I have, has came from my faith walk. You must pray to God, and while you are praying, believe that the mountain can be move else where. At times it seems like what you’ve been praying for will never come to past. But it will. Keep knocking and keep seeking and the door shall be open. Prayer is the Golden Key for your present help from the lord. Without a prayer life, you are a dead man walking! Without faith you can not please God. I live my life totally depending on the lord. What may seem like a life time, is only one day to the lord. He said the our latter days will be greater. That means you will not miss out on one thing. Praise God! Always believe with your whole heart that God will take care of you. I want to bless you with these words of wisdom. Seek first the kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you. You must pray, and keep on praying, and keep on praying. God will step in and do it all for you. I want to please God with all my heart. Never put anyone before God. not your husband, not your children, not anyone. God is a jealous God.  Stay focus and rest assure that god loves you and nothing at can harm you. There is peace in the valley, let joy be in your hearts. your breakthrough is coming. My God Bless you and Keep you.

God Bless Cancer Awareness Month<3


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