I have been PRAYING to God for a breakthrough concerning some things in my life.  I had been fasting for two months, two get my breakthrough, well that breakthrough has come. To God be the glory!  When we go to God in prayer, we must understand that he is there to answer our prayers. It was not easy to get what  I wanted. Every devil in hell was on my track, there was many sleepless nights, a lot of crying, and not to mention, I had to do ministry and comfort others that was going through there storm.  For about five months it has really been some ups and downs for me, but God was right there holding me in His arms. I lock myself away from everyone. God had even took the desire away to watch TV. I have not watch TV for seven months now. All I seem to do is fast, pray, read my bible and cry out to the lord on others behalf. God is working on me, so I can be a blessing in others lives. I’m  writing on this Blog to reach others in Jesus name, because I want them to know that I love them, and care about there state of mind. We must always pray for the things that we need in our lives, God will add the rest. One night I cried so bad, I was sick and tired of that devil messing around in my head, telling me that God was not going to do what I had been fasting and praying for. How can I pray like this , and still feel left out, still be afraid at night to close my eyes. Yes me, the GREAT PRAYER WARRIOR. now sobbing like a baby, pleading with GOD.  The spirit of FEAR had came upon me like never before. Remember, I had been asking God to do some things in my life. Speaking in tongues laid out the floor, crying like new born baby, asking him to forgive me for my Sins. I didn’t know what to do, I just felt lost. Then God spoke into my spirit Psalm 91. I read it until I fell asleep. And I read it for five days, through out the day. And I was  HEAL and DELIVER , from the spirit of Fear. I like would to say this, the spirit of Fear comes from the Satan, God is love and a sounded mind. For those of you that have the spirit of FEAR, please read Psalm 91. Read until it falls in your spirit.  I love the lord, he heard my cry, and he rescue me, out of the pits of  Hell.  Fear is just a game the enemy plays, to make us believe that God is not at work in our behalf.  God Bless all Of you. I pray for your health and strength in the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


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