I got my letter in the mail on Friday,  letting me know that it was time for my annual CK UP, for my breast exam. Every time I use to get those letters every three months, I started praising God in advance . Because  when they cut on me the first time the doctors told me you much pray that It does not come back. I did not tell anyone at my church what I was going through. People can not help you in the time of trouble . Especially  when it’s something like this.  Now you are all alone , God  is going to test your faith. You  can not say you believe and still worry. I myself have to go get ck again, but I know God is a healer.  God is a God that never goes back on His Word. Your Faith is really tested when you are sitting in that tiny room with just the four walls looking back at you waiting for the results, wondering how you got there in the first place. I’m a witness , God will heal your body, I don’t care what the doctors say, it is God who has control over your life. You must put your faith in action, and keep standing on Gods Word. I’ve been heal from throat cancer, If God said it, it is done in Jesus name. You much walk in Faith, live in Faith, talk Faith, every thing that has happen to me in my life , it was my faith walk, only believing in Gods word, you have to rebuke your on thoughts, it starts with the mind, keep your mind stayed on the Father who is in Heaven. God loves us, It is not God that Makes us sick, God is the one that gives us LIFE.  Let’s not BLAME God. That’s saying you don believe in God. So all my prayers goes out to all the CANCER patience , and all the CANCER SURVIVOR, I decree and declare that you are HEAL IN JESUS HOLY NAME.

Love you all so much, you are in my PRAYERS, God Bless, and keep you, AMEN!


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