Pray, when it seems like everthing is going wrong . Pray, when it looks like you don’t have a friend that really cares. Pray! When your crying has turn to weeping. Pray! When you just been told you have been laid off of your job. Pray! When you just lost your house, and you don’t know where you going to live. Pray! When they said you would not amount to anything. Pray! When They said you would not get the ministry that God promise you. Pray! For ever thing, God will give you your blessing Pray! In season an out of season Pray, Pray, Pray, God says you have not, because you ask not. Prayer changes things.



We must love people and stop trying to run there lives and telling them how they suppose to live for God, and you are not living right yourself. The only way you can help some one is you can’t be afraid to tell them your mess! You can not free anyone that’s not ready to surrender, but we can pray for them and love as Jesus loved us. You must be patience with a new believer, and don’t make them feel you are better than they are. We must stop and think, about what we did in the past, and where we came from, and how did we get where we are today. And we are not still there. We must take life transformation , and bless  someone , and hope and pray by telling them our past mistakes will help set them FREE! STOP, STOP. making people fill like they don’t add up to nothing at all. A real leader is a leader that lift be people up and no tear them down. We all the same in Jesus Christ, I’m sure you know what I mean. STOP thinking you are a better christian than someone else. We need to show Gods people love  not title. Making them think they can not do Gods work unless they have a title. God can use anyone to get his work done, he use a donkey. I pray to  God all the time, it’s your Glory not mines, I have nothing , and what I do have God gave it to me, we forget where we really came from. Love on the on everyone,,that’s want I need and you need even if you don’t want to


Why do I turn to God? Let me  start by saying this , friends and family cannot help you. I was one of  those person, that every time I had a problem, I would call a friend or run to my Pastor to only see that they could not help me. Now I thought they just didn’t  have time to hear my  problems, but come to fine out they were bad off themselves. And the ones that would listen, they were just being noisy. Acting as though if they really care, but really they just wanted to spread your business. Be very careful about running to anyone with your problems. They really just want tell you there’s. I come to know that God can help us in our mess, and our problems. If you should fine a good friend that as a good hear to swollen your garage and cry with you and forget about there on problems, you have more than a friend, you have met someone that knows Jesus. Knowing God and having a personal relationship with Him can solve any problem you have. God gives us the power to over come all the things we can not handle on our own. God is the one that fight all our battles, and he said cast all our burdens on Him. If you surrender everything to God he will take care of you. Try it, God can heal you everywhere you hurt. God bless, and know that God is a HEALER!


When you fine your hope is waning. And friends tries in failure end, 

Seek the love of God the Father. And you’ll gain a wondrous Friend.

Turn to him when faith is fading— He will give you hope anew;

God will grant you strength to journey , And see all your heartaches


Seek Him when all,others fail you, Take His hand if you should stray;

 And however great your problem,  God will help you find the way.

Cling to Him when you are happy,  And you’ll know a greater bliss .

Because joys are always two- fold. With a tender Godly kiss,

You can be a saint or sinner, Matters not to God above;

He will grant true peace and comfort. To all those who seek his love.







I remember years ago,  I didn’t know what it meant to be still in the storm. But has I mature in christ I came to understand that God is a God that can not work in confusion. We try to fix problems on our own. Doing a storm it’s hard to keep quite when the enemy is attaching you, friends, family, spouse it’s enough to make you want To fight back. Let me share this with you. I have won so many battles keeping my mouth shut, God has bless me in ways that has blow my mind. When the enemy gets busy, you just pray and tell God all about it, and he surely will see you through. When you don’t speak to the enemy, it confuses  the him. speaking  in your heavenly tongues, is  our  weapon against the enemy. So when the storm is raging just keep still, and watch God work. I know, its hard to keep quiet when those dots are being throw at you. But you can defeat the enemy by just not saying a word. Love is the key to win the world. Jesus draw people to him,  Because of his love. Love everyone that do you wrong. God will reward you for it. So let not your angry keep you out of the blessing from God. Gods wants to bless you more and more each day, but we much apply the rule. OBE. We must obey, and repent and ask God to forgive us for our sin. God is love, love is God.  Just keep still and let the glory of heavens pour you out blessing in Jesus  name. Have a bless day, and remember keep still in the  storm.

The Teacup ministry Inc.


I have come to know that, the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. The only way, this can  happen, is when we take our focus off of God. We must always stay focus on the better things in life , which only God can give us, which is prefect peace. Staying focus is very important in our everyday life. Why? Because it helps us to keep the day balance ? Start your morning off with prayer. A up lifting prayer. Some people pray and still  leave the house mad at the world. I’m telling you, God has the answer to your everyday life struggles. You much be willing to surrender all to God, and you will see working in your behalf . He is not a man, He won’t tell a lie .praying for others also takes your mind off of your on problems. I reach out to others 24/7 letting the people of God know, that you have to put God in front of everyday life, or you will never have joy, and contentment . Don’t let the enemy take what is already yours, we are always to quit to give in and give up. I want to pray many Blessing in your life, Stay focus, it is a healthy way of life. I have a close friend that always pray peace over my life. So I will say PEACE over your life in Jesus name, Amen. God bless, and have a great day.


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