My walk with the lord as been far from being easy. But through it all I have stood the test of time. God has broken me in so many ways that I can not count, on my long  fingers. It does not feel good when The Lord has to spank you,for you to listen to him.  And trust me I have been spank lots of times for not listening to my daddy. He is the creator and when he created us it was in LOVE that this was done.  All the test I have been put through, it was because Jesus wanted me to love all His people, I mean everyone. I had to forget about me and show love at all times. God wants us to love one another and be giving where there is need to give. Jesus is love. So many people that are suppose to be walking like  Christ, they don’t show love. They talk the word. But don’t show love. I’m so happy that Jesus has taught me how to love and be giving to others. I have been through a lot of hurt and disappointments, but I never stop loving. I dried my tears, and kept the Faith that God will prevail in my life. Know matter what,  don’t stop loving Gods people. God never stop loving us. Be fill with the love of God, and that love will show you how to love others. Be Bless I love YOU!

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