I know I’m saved and fill with the HOLYGHOST. I turn to God for everything. But there are moments I feel so alone I can’t even understand How I got there in the first place. Yes,  praying and fasting reading Gods word day and night and yet feel so lost. I cry out to The Lord. He has answer all my prayers for others, and I have yet to see my breakthrough for what have been praying for. Yes it’s hurt, to see the people you been praying for get there blessing, and you are still waiting on yours. Sleepless nights own your face asking God to heal the sick. But you feel no one is praying for you. I’m standing on Gods word that I know that he will grant me my request . It’s  hard sometime to do Gods will when you feel you have been left out. I’m a praying woman,  and I have seen God work, I know what he can do. So why do fill fear at times, or feel its never going to happen for me. Every devil in hell trying to stop me from doing the work of God. If you feel this way, and maybe you have felt this way before, all I can say is keep praying and don’t throw in the towel, God hears our prayers and he will answer. I’m going to press and push until, that which God has call me to do it will come to past. Be joyful in The Lord, what ever we do is not in VAIN!



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