imageBeing saved does not mean everything is going to be alright, That’s when your life really begins. When I was a babe in Christ, it was very confusing for me. After being confuse  by so many people being in my life telling lies about what the lord said. I decided to SEEK  the lord for myself. I study a lot, and when could, I would tune in on some good speaking pastor on TV. But after while that didn’t work,  God wanted me to get to know Him for myself, relationship.  It is good to have teachers and pastors…. in our life, but it is even better to seek the lord with all your heart. Being saved is something you have to desire. you have to want it. God does not force His love on us. He is there waiting with open arms. We must press every single day to be like Christ, we must keep pushing,  the enemy tries to makes us fill we are not worthy of Gods love. But  that is a lie, God loves all of us just the why we are, Jesus die on the cross for our sins.  If you fall Jesus is there to help you again. Don’t give up if you make a mistake. Press and keep pressing, push God will meet you there.  I’m happy that the lord heard my cry.  I have grown so much, by reading, studying, and listening to God’s voice, giving Him some time through out the day. You much seek the lord for yourself, trust me it is very rewarding.  The road gets rough, Jesus can heal you everywhere you hurt. I pray that you put God first,  everything will fall in place with the help of the lord.  Jesus is the way and the light. Be of good cheer, press push and it will make you a better person.  And you will be able to reach out,  share  the love and passion you have for Jesus Christ. Receive God’s mercy and love; you cannot give away something you do not have. everything you go through,  is use for the purpose of God’s Glory!

THIS SHALL PASS.  Be Bless and have a great day, I’m praying for you


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