I know it seems as though you are not going to get what you’ve  been praying for, but I’m here  to tell you, change will come. Most of my prayers are answer through my praise and worship. I have come to fine out, God wants to see if you can give Him the glory in the mist of your problems. I can praise God  in the church, in my car, house, God is worthy of  our Praise! When the praises goes up the blessings comes down. Not only praise gives me my blessings, it also brings me joy, and contentment. Letting me know that my Father is there with me,and he will bless me. You can get what God has for you, just give Him all the glory. I love the Word of God, it is the word that sets  me free. But it is my praise that gives me my blessings. Prayer plays a big part in my life also. I get to take all my problems  to my Father, he’s the one that can supply all my needs. He’s not far, all you have to do is call His name. Calling on the Father lets Him know, that you love and need Him as your daddy. Theirs a season for everything, God is at work in your behalf. so don’t stop giving God the glory, because when the Praises goes up the blessings come down. To God Be The Glory!!!!!!!!!! Be Bless


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