We must love people and stop trying to run there lives and telling them how they suppose to live for God, and you are not living right yourself. The only way you can help some one is you can’t be afraid to tell them your mess! You can not free anyone that’s not ready to surrender, but we can pray for them and love as Jesus loved us. You must be patience with a new believer, and don’t make them feel you are better than they are. We must stop and think, about what we did in the past, and where we came from, and how did we get where we are today. And we are not still there. We must take life transformation , and bless  someone , and hope and pray by telling them our past mistakes will help set them FREE! STOP, STOP. making people fill like they don’t add up to nothing at all. A real leader is a leader that lift be people up and no tear them down. We all the same in Jesus Christ, I’m sure you know what I mean. STOP thinking you are a better christian than someone else. We need to show Gods people love  not title. Making them think they can not do Gods work unless they have a title. God can use anyone to get his work done, he use a donkey. I pray to  God all the time, it’s your Glory not mines, I have nothing , and what I do have God gave it to me, we forget where we really came from. Love on the on everyone,,that’s want I need and you need even if you don’t want to


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