Why do I turn to God? Let me  start by saying this , friends and family cannot help you. I was one of  those person, that every time I had a problem, I would call a friend or run to my Pastor to only see that they could not help me. Now I thought they just didn’t  have time to hear my  problems, but come to fine out they were bad off themselves. And the ones that would listen, they were just being noisy. Acting as though if they really care, but really they just wanted to spread your business. Be very careful about running to anyone with your problems. They really just want tell you there’s. I come to know that God can help us in our mess, and our problems. If you should fine a good friend that as a good hear to swollen your garage and cry with you and forget about there on problems, you have more than a friend, you have met someone that knows Jesus. Knowing God and having a personal relationship with Him can solve any problem you have. God gives us the power to over come all the things we can not handle on our own. God is the one that fight all our battles, and he said cast all our burdens on Him. If you surrender everything to God he will take care of you. Try it, God can heal you everywhere you hurt. God bless, and know that God is a HEALER!


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