I have fine out my walk with Christ as been, exciting, fun, sorrow, set backs, disappointments, but through it all I have never through in the towel, or through away Gods people.  I love doing God’s work, and leading  his people to the promise land, SAVED.

Never I though, that God was not at work through me with someone . He said in his word nothing is ever done in vain. I may think ,I have lost, but truly the word of God stands. God is at work in us, we just have to get the work done for Him . When I minister to someone,and they don’t understand about our God it truly hurts my heart, because I truly want them to be saved.  But even if it does not seem to even look like they are hearing, GOD IS AT WORK in your behalf. So I’m going to say this, for all of us that are truly, doing the work for our lord. Don’t throw in the towel, GOD IS AT WORK. I love all of Gods people, he will PREVAIL! Be bless and a great day.


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